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"Inventory" is simply real estate lingo for "the number of homes for sale." This stat shows you how much supply is available in the market you are researching. Inventory levels can ebb and flow frequently due to seasonal effects. There's usually more inventory on the market in the spring-time as the natural rate of real estate activity picks up during this time of year. Alternately, there's generally less inventory in the Fall or Winter as real estate activity slows.

This can mean mixed things if you're a buyer or seller in the market, or a real estate agent working with your clients. At times when there is higher inventory, it means there's more selection for buyers. But there's also more buyers in the market in the spring time which means more competition for the homes on the market. It's important to couple your analysis of inventory levels with other market measures such as:

* Median Price
* Days-on-Market
* Price per Square Foot
* Market Action Index

Source:  Altos Research

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