OftenSpiritual Gifts ScoresS.H.A.P.E. 80. 37. According to 1 Corinthians 12:13 what are we baptized into, 28. How many of those times are under the law? .even{background-color:#eaeaea}.odd{background-color:#f7f7f7}.even,.odd{padding:15px;margin:0px}.ratings{text-align:right}.preview_button{margin:2 Often18. Before we get to the spiritual gifts inventory, it’s important that you understand the purpose and function of the spiritual gifts, as well as what scripture defines as a true spiritual gift. I am concerned that the money I give be used as efficiently as possible for God. If I knew I couldn't fail, this is what I would attempt to do for God with my life: Often26. Often100. I am content to serve the suffering or undeserving. 27. I am comfortable with opening my home to others regardless of how neat or clean it is.Rarely The Apostle Paul tells us there are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. I am willing to use my home furnishings and personal belongings to serve others outside my immediate family. In John chapter 20, Jesus' disciples received the Spirit when He breathed on them and said "Receive ye the holy Ghost." I proclaim God's truth in an inspiring and enthusiastic way.Rarely I readily acquire and master facts and principles of Biblical truths.Rarely This gift appears to involve some measure of the, enabling gift of faith (Romans 12:6). Often11. What do you know about Christianity and the Holy Spirit? Quizzes | Create a quiz Progress: 1 of 8 questions . I have compassion towards those who are broken hearted, addicted or oppressed. Givers are inclined to be generous in financially under­writing a wide variety of ministry projects. Often54. I can assist key leaders who 'pray and minister the word' (Acts 5) by taking some of their other responsibilities. I have or could learn another language well enough to help start a church. Following Jesus' words about the soon to occur … What two verses in Acts chapter five prove that the Holy Ghost is God? Often53. Often34. I enjoy sharing a hymn, lesson or Bible interpretation so that all believers present may learn. I enjoy sharing the message of the Gospel as I understand it. 36. Spiritual gifts NOT just for church leaders or for just physical church growth. I find it easy to motivate others to follow through on a ministry project. Those gifted in exhortation usually develop simple strategies to accomplish goals and effectively encour­age and motivate others to remain faithful in their service for God. 10. How many times is the word ghost is used in the old testament? Often46. I would rather be a supportive background person than a 'performer.'. The spiritual gifts that this quiz will cover are hospitality, teaching, serving, leadership, giving, evangelism, encouragement, and administration. How to test for the Holy Spirit. Often49. I wish to relate to non-Christians so I can share my faith.Rarely Often41. Today, the University has over 11,400 students on campus with 39,000 in the Distance Learning Program (now Liberty University Online), and he is the Dean of the School of Religion.Dr. 6. 14. Often80. I share joyfully what Christ has done for me. Often56. Parish Registration. I enjoy typing, filing, recording minutes, or similar church-related tasks.Rarely I am able to lead a committee or group in making decisions together. Copyright 2011 schoolofthebible.us. 35. I am at ease in sharing how Christ is my Savior and Lord.Rarely 23. I give things freely and with delight because I love God.Rarely Often57. 46. 82. There is some debate as to whether miraculous gifts are for the church today or were used as “signs” of the apostles’ authority in the Acts church. I enjoy being an instrument of God in 'drawing the net' so that unbelievers receive Christ as Savior. Often67. 43. I am able to be a teacher's aide in a class, or to do a similar helping task.Rarely I am ready to commit myself to care for the spiritual welfare of a group of young Christians. I am able to restore persons who have wandered away from Christian community. How many times does the title of Holy Spirit  appears in the Bible? 79. I usually know where I am going and can influence other Christians in that direction. All Christians have heard of the Holy Spirit but how well do you really know Him? I have a knack for helping strangers feel at home.Rarely Prophecy is communicating and applying biblical truth to a specific situation or circumstance. I am concerned that interpersonal relationships be peaceable, reasonable, and without partiality of hypocrisy. I am concerned to read, study and learn Biblical truths.Rarely Often122. I often assume responsibility when no official leaders are designated.Rarely 87. return'';for(var i=0;ib[0])?-1:((a[0]